Thursday, October 15

I give up!! My 2013 + 2014 + 2015 updates!!! amek kau!


LOL!! ya... i think i will give up on tracking how long have i NOT update this blog (berabok betol!)

I'm not sure where I should start ranting about life? For now, alhamdulillah, husband and i are working towards strengthening our ties with the creator. We try as much as possible to not miss our solat and fast as and when we could. We are not blessed with children yet, i'm very sure Allah swt has a better plan for husband and i for now.


All the blessings from HIM started in this year... I started to put on the Hijab again, hopefully forevery.. may allah assist me... Finally got the keys to our dream home... Finally renovated the house, furnish the house. No words could describe that feeling husband and i had, after the parents divorce, we dint have a proper place to stay and the dugaan was "BOOM!" right after the wedding. Alhamdulillah we persevere and the result are sweeeetttt......

We adopted 2 cute furry babies to layan us and they were ecstatic too with the house! They slept with us in the room. Beyl & Tama.

These two gals are our heart and soul for now. Loved them too much...

Our love for travelling also evolved in this year. We had travel to KL for the umpteen times in June 2013 and decided to go somewhere further.. and Alhamdulillah, it's one of the trips that will remain close in my heart till i die (kot?).

We booked a trip to Europe via Saudi Arabian Airline. It was the cheapest fare we manage to secure (WHEEE!!)

It was only $1.9 K for 2 pax!! do the maths!! but you will have to make do with the longer hours of travelling... we were fine with it.. until we saw our transit back!!! we are stopping in jeddah bebeh!!!!! JEDDAH!!... we took it as blessing in disguise... We found out we could actually visit Masjidil Haram if we apply visa.... HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!!??? to be on the holiest place on earth.. we applied thru the saudi embassy and alhamdulillah it was approved within days.
We booked our stay in london at Airbnb. Its a cheaper choice, dangerous but cheap.. =) We pray for allah swt to guide us all the way. we stayed with a very nice Christian family.

We visited many places in london, the likes of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Eye... We also toured our favourite football stadiums!!! What are the chances that both FC are in london?! We went to both Stamford Bridge and Emirates Stadium..!!

we were so jakun la... we had free aircon the whole day and at night it could drop to 4 Deg!! there was 1 point of time i couldnt stand still.. i had to jump here and there. in the midst of exploring london, we also make time to drop by paris for 2 days to be with Maman Surzur!!!!
We book the Europe domestic flight, EasyJet. When we reached the airport there she was waiting patiently for us!! it was still early in the morning though.

We actually came for the twins birthday but none of them was around!! lol... Marie was on a tour while Ludy was over at her boyfriends place.

see how dramatic this woman can be?? LOL!!! Marie we will LOVE YOU STILLL!!!! but make sure this year you would be around ha!!!!

we went to Eiffel Tower (where else lah kan?!) and maman brought us all over paris in just 2 days.. She even cooked a sumptuous meal for me and Siraj.. Thx maman!!

but ah, these orang orang french can be very biadap ah at times, husband was trying to find direction and they just REFUSE to speak english lah kan... until to one point husband had to "eh ko paham melayu tak" than only they asked if we speak english.... kemarrrdhee.. but overall.. the experience was nice... manage to visit lourve, champ elsyees and also Galarie lafayette...

Surprisingly, both Europe country transportation system are quite similar to singapore.. very easy to travel around.

They day came for us to leave Europe, and the highlight for the trip is the transit to Jeddah!!!
AND AND AND!!! my menses had to come on the last day of the tripppppp!!! WHYYY!!!! i want to solat at masjidil haram leh!!!!

Husband was very lucky, We were so speechless when we were there... you have no idea how it felt to be nearest to him.

 It was just so nice and everything... we really love it... AWW.. Syukur alhamdulillah...
From the trip husband and i definitely learn alot more about each other and were more tolerant!!!
The same year me and family welcomed a new member, my brother's wife!! yeay!! husband not the only in law now!! LOL
(ok, while i'm typing all these i'm super ngantok at the moment!!).


We were blessed with good and heart wrenching moments. We travelled alot more and alhamdulillah we manage to bring the whole family together for a short trip.

January we went to Bandung with Siti and her fiancee Riz.

the pasarbaru is like super awesome place to shop la... dont need those fancy place like Paris Van Java or chiampelas to shop... Pasarbaru is super enough!! LOL... we had the best of seafood and the hotel was awesome....

We went to langkawi in March with the big family, My Family, my Mil, My younger brother and his girlfriend family.... 11 of us all together!... kecorables ouhhh...

The whole gang was awesome thru out. We went to pulau payar for snorkelling and to all over langkawi, and no one DISAGREE to anything... alll OKGO! and because of this... we planned another trip in 2015.

Than a dear girlfriend got married in April, a strong willed woman whom take will not say no to anyone..

We were honoured to be part of your wedding Azimah!!! May this marriage last till Jannah!!! <3 p="">
With the extra rezeki I had, I surprised Hubby with the BIGGEST surprise i ever did for his birthday this year. I booked for him a trip to bali with Siti's fiancee ris & hazirah's boyfriend Ghani!! It was a total hardwork!! from keeping quiet, careful planning.. booking flights, creating another email just so he couldn't stumble upon... LOL... it was so fun and stressful!! but the look on his face was PRICELESSS....

His 2nd trip to bali this year... and 3rd holiday!!! (melampau ek u!!!)
After he got back from his bali trip, shortly before ramadhan, we embarked to another holiday... this time round with the girls along. We went to BANGKOK!! and it was my first time on Singapore Airline... WOOT WOOT!!

So sweet of them to celebrate our Anniversary 2 years in a row...... We had so much fun during the trip... looking forward to many more trip with these ladies!!...

Than comes AUGUST, Allah lifted me so high up the previous month... and he tested me and husband big time in this month.. but he knows me and husband will pull thru.. as per his verse in the holy quran
لايكلف الله نفساً إلا وسعها

Surat Al Baqarah: Verse 286

Allah burdens not a person beyond that he can cope / bear.

Husband and i lost a dear friend / brother.. I have no idea how to even put into words the feeling that we had.

24 August 2014,

Earlier that morning, me and my BKC cliques are away for a short staycation. We were having dim sum and some massage and finally made our way home...

I reached home at 3pm that afternoon, and was resting in the room when we got that dreadful call (masa type benda ni pon mcm nak nanges sgt.. :'( )

We received the first call from aja, than we confirmed it with the rest. Subhanallah... i think only allah knows what was going thru inside me.. the regret, the hurt, the anger, the shockness all come as one.. i literally meraung... yes MERAUNG... astagfirullahalazim... In islam, ur forbid to meraung when someone passed on, especially if he is not ur muhrim, but in that split second... the news was too much........ I cried my hearts out... totally out... i called my BFF... and there was no conversation... it was just crying.... we straight away make our way there... still in disbelieve.. when we were there.. his corpse was already brought back home.. His angelic face, smile.. warms my heart and the sadness fade. I became happy that he already return home (although it hurts that i couldnt see him again). He was save from all the fitnah dunia.. he is safe with the creator...

"Allahhummaghfir lahu warhamhu wa'aafihi wa'fu anhu..."

("Ya Allah ampunilah dia, berilah rahmat, kesejahteraan dan ma'afkanlah dia").

yes people, its this doa... NOT AL-FATEHA. When you heard of someone's demise, you accompany them with this doa taught by our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. NOT AL-FATEHA.

Muhammad Nurusobah, you will be missed by me and hubby. You will always be in our every prayer insyallah. We will not sever our ties with Hana insyallah... Till we meet again in Jannah,

September we embarked to our last holiday for the year.. this time with the Favourite cousin in the whole wide world!!! Kid (kak ain) & family!!  5 of us!

2nd SQ experience in a year.. We booked an apartment via AirBNB... right on top of ladies market.. It was a nice experience there... but we had a horrifed experience at disneyland! =( 
There was a Typhoon when we were there, so ALL the outdoor rides were CLOSED!!! NO!!!! 
we didnt get to watch any parade nor take pictures with mickey mouse!! sadded!. 
But its the company that we had fun with! 

The year ended with us sending the baby brother off to dubai for his first solo trip... before we countdown to welcoming zie to the family.. WHEEEE...

I guess i will stop here.. and will start with the 2015 entry later... TIRED SIOL!!!! bye!

Jana (Baby)

Saturday, April 27

New home....

Hi hi! As some may already know that the dream home is on the way....
Currently the pictures below are the progress...
We are left with the construct of the cabinet before we could finally move in...
Bought the electrical appliances and sofa set yesterday. It do cost a bomb though! phew!!
Hopefully we could manage the finance....
left with the air con and some item need to be bought.. update soon Once all are up.

Baby Love

Saturday, March 9

First vacation with hub this year...

Flight to KL booked!
I'm A happy girl!!
Going holiday first time with this group of people.....
so happy and excited!!!!

96 more days!!!

Jana Love (Baby)

Sunday, March 3

BKC's Darwisyah Adelia..

There she is... BKC's very own new first born... She's Darwisyah Adelia Binte Shamsul Kamarul @ Shammy....
May you be a happy baby with your ummi and daddy....

When down with sister love, yanie, DM DWAGs..

Jana Love (Baby)

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Saturday, March 2

Good morning!!!

Morning y'all... haiz late for work on a saturday again.. "-_- All this due to late nights outing with family love.. lolx... ok I shall enjoy the bus ride and make more taik mata!!

Jana Love (Baby)

New love...

Finally l get a gadget that allows me to blog again after sometime....
Samsung Note 2 LTE...

Belated birthday gift by the hubster... been wanting a new phone since the last one cracked into pieces...
Will vow to really take care of this new love one like (quoting the hub) "taking care of me or ur live..."

And my good friend fizrif gave me yet another belated birthday gift...

the clothes to my new phone... wheee!!!

Jana Love (Baby)

Sunday, June 10

stupid brat

stupid brat, im so angry... erkz!

Love Sincerely,
Jana Love (Baby)

Friday, June 1

my beyl n bubu's tama...

Am currently down with flu, sore throat, headache.. All in one lah, bt still pegi keje tau... pekerja contoh.. LoLx.. As i was catching up on sleep this mrng, nature decided to call upon me... Wen i open my eyes.. Saw this two lovable creature of mine snuggling up upon each other..!!

It was such a beautiful sight! Dulu masa they first meet.. They fight their heads off man.. Beyl was very territorial.. every night gaduh to the extend we had to cage one of them up.. And now, wala!! they sleeping together liao.. arrrrr syioknye.. thn wen i move, si beyl (the white one), terbangon.. she yawn n stretch, thn tros jilat2 kepala tama.. awww so loving.. sayanglah u both!!! ;))))

Love Sincerely,
Jana Love (Baby)